2015-2016 Executive Team

  • President: Katherine Vrantsidis, BMath[H] ’16
  • Vice President: Michelle Caruso, BMath[H] ’17
  • Treasurer: Trisha Law, BMath[H] ’16, BEd ’17
  • Secretary: Benjamin Cheng, BMath[H] ’17
  • Concurrent Education Representative: Scott Webb, BMath[H] ’16, BEd ’17
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science Representative: Emily Durand, BAS[H] ’16
  • Executive Council Members: John Travo, BMath[H] ’16, Dante Giglio, BMath[H] ’17, Tatiana Krikella, BMath[H] ’18
  • First Year Representative: Brittney Grondin, BMath[H] ’18

Welcome Week Program Orientation

MSSA Execs were present at program orientation, sharing their experiences in the math programs. Incoming first-year students received a free t-shirt!

High School Recruitment

MSSA Execs went into the community to speak to Grade 12 students at local high schools, promoting our math programs. The MSSA was also present at both Fall & Spring Open Houses. Execs were stationed at the Info Fair booth and participated in the program information presentations.

Math & Stats T-Shirts

Our t-shirts were HUGELY popular this year and were in hot demand by faculty, staff, alumni, math students, and students of other majors alike! First-year students received a free shirt.
We still have a few extras in stock. They are on sale for $15 – let us know if you would like one!

Pythagoras Shirt

Pi Day

Pi Day 2016

Group Photos

The talented Kieran Wong of KW Images did a great job capturing our camaraderie – see our Facebook page for the photos!

Group Photos.jpg

Student Survey + Retreat Lunch

The Department truly appreciated the feedback from the student survey the MSSA created. Thanks to all the students who took the time to complete the survey. A great time was had by all at the retreat, held at the Fogolar Furlan Club of Windsor. Check out the feature in the University of Windsor Daily News! http://www.uwindsor.ca/dailynews/2016-04-27/math-students-crunch-numbers-undergrad-experience

Science Rendezvous

MSSA Execs presented math tricks and games to grade-school children at the Math & Stats booth for this year’s community event.


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