Valentines Day is Monday

One of these days me and Joey Comeau will get around to subverting the hetero-normative paradigm and fixing all this.



For those of you with significant others, this is a reminder that Valentines Day is around the corner. In some circles, it has been considered cool and hip to ignore it as it is just a shamelessly commercialized faux-holiday that enforces traditional expressions of love. If you find yourself feeling this way be satisfied in the knowledge that the rest of us are having way more fun than you.

Speaking of more fun, my friends over at Out On Campus will be selling candy treats in the CAW centre. Buy some! Give them to your sweetheart, or your best friend, of just eat them yourself and enjoy the self-love. On a more math-related note, they will also have a “guess how many candies are in this jar” competition. I feel it is our duty as math students to enter this contest and win that candy. So get ready to figure out the average volume of a candy-heart.


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