Study Party

As another semester draws to a close all the undergrads in University-ville are becoming increasingly stressed and agitated by the impending onslaught known as FINAL EXAMS. Yes, December finals, that pre-holiday tradition that sets so many students on edge. Just when you should be preparing (bracing?) for family gatherings and gift giving, you find yourself obliged to do a series of mental gymnastics to prove that you deserve the degree that you so long for.

There is good news however. We are putting on a Math Society the Club Study Night. This Thursday night starting at 7:00 in the MSLC (Erie 3125) all math majors are invited to come study together and eat cookies and other good things supplied by Math Society the Club. If you are having trouble in Linear Algebra, Intro to Analysis or any other math course, come and share in the knowledge of everyone. We will have experienced math students on hand willing to help you with your difficulties. We will have a focused atmosphere in which to study. But most of all we will have cookies!

Come for the cookies.

One more thing: If anyone would like to bring their own cookies (or other snacky foods) to share at this event, please do not hesitate to do so!


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