Art Exhibit Hangs Paintings On Walls Covered In MATH!

I don't know about you, but I want a room in my house that looks just like this.There is a place that everything that I think is cool seems to be happening. The trouble is it’s San Francisco and I’m poor. But I can still blog about it and say “Ooo, look at the pretty pictures.” The Imaginary Foundation is hosting an art exhibit called The Undivided Mind and they look like they are doing some really beautiful work.

Now looking at this picture brings me to a personal fantasy of mine. I love chalkboards. I love the look of them, I love the tap-tap-tap my chalk makes when I write on them, I love how when I’m explaining a difficulty with calculation to a teacher the fog seems to disappear. I want a black board in my home. I want it to be big, and I want to be able to write math on it when ever I want. I want to use it to practice teaching, I want it just for the beauty of a timeless tool that in my mind has not been surpassed by any other math teaching tool in its practicality.

You could argue that white-boards are cleaner, but I would say that white-board markers suck, and run out WAY to quickly. You could talk about computers, but then you are letting the machine do all the work and you loose something in the lesson. SmartBoards are amazing but still to expensive to have one in every where, not to mention that all my drawings on it look like I made them in MS Paint.

All in all I wish that I had a magic black board that I could use to somehow transport me to San Francisco where I could see this great looking exhibit, check it out: The Undivided Mind.


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