Wednesday Round-up

Lots of things to talk about.

Firstly, if you want a hoodie that says “MATHEMATICS/University of Windsor” on it they are being sold at the books store. I bought one. It looks like this:

Secondly, we’re playing Ultimate Frisbee against the CSS this Friday at 5:30. For more information see this post. You should go, it will be fun. Also it will help you forget that a second batch of midterms is just around the corner.

Thirdly, Halloween is happening this Sunday. My family is turning the outside of my uncle’s house into an under-the-sea adventure. I play a fisherman in a boat on the roof. In the spirit of Halloween I’ll link back to a post I put here in March about the impending Zombie apocalypse and some Mathematicians who figured out the only way to stop it.

Obligatory Zombie picture:


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