MSC Logo Design Contest (You could win stuff!)

You could be famous! (Or at least your logo could.)


You must submit a logo with the following requirements:

Logo cannot consist of more than two colours.
Logo must be able to fit on a t-shirt.
Logo must exemplify at least one interesting math concept.
Logo must be simple enough to be converted into vector format in Corel Draw.
Logo must be school appropriate.

Your design will be marked by judges based on the following criteria:
The originality of the math concept. (hint: every platonic solid has been taken already!)
The unity of the design.
Tasteful jokes are appreciated but not necessary.

Do not put your name on the submission. Once submitted, the submission becomes the property of the math club. Submit to Mrs. Maria Argoselo, the Math Secretary, on the 10th floor of Lampton Tower before Friday March 19.

P.S. I forgot. The winner gets ICE CREAM! (And the first t-shirt!) I feel kinda silly, I probably should have told you that first.


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