2 days to poor approximation of Pi Day.

I don’t really know what this has to do with math, but it’s so cool that I’m going to put it up anyway. Assignment for future Math Teachers: Make a word problem using what you see in this video.


3 thoughts on “2 days to poor approximation of Pi Day.

  1. C’est sûr, Hannah, il ne faut pas oublier qui paie les études…Nul chercheur travaille sans être payé. Et qui peut payer ? Les industries pharmaceutiques et agro-alimentaires….La culture du soja étant peu développée en Europe, CQFD.C’est comme le sempiternel et fameux Vena©DeVinQuiEstBorPourLrSantÃe.Tu parles ! Le vin c’est bourré de sulfites, de pesticides et je ne sais quoi encore.Il y a moins de vie dans le sols des vignes que dans le désert.

  2. Anonymous, that's the way it is in much of the world. It may be kicking off here as well.Lytamin, they're being imported into very unlikely areas. It creates entirely new "demographics".Wanumba, because they confuse their own orientalism and attraction to the exotic, with crossing that bridge until they feel like they have more in common with The Other, than with the non-NPR listening Americans.kate, I wonder what they'll rename Downing Street when the time comes

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