Dr. Britten is Retiring

I say we can’t let a great professor, like Dr. Britten, go without showing him that we’ll miss him. I know I will. The thing I’ll always remember him for is his stories. So I think we could make him something related to that, like maybe a book or drawing compiling all the funny stories he’s told us. Or maybe something else if someone has an idea. I know if I were to be a prof. in the future I’ll definitely save strange, enlightening, entertaining and most of all funny stories for my students. 🙂
Does any have any ideas?
Does anyone agree we should do something?


3 thoughts on “Dr. Britten is Retiring

    • I’m thinking it would be really cool if what we made was something that embodied a mathematical concept that he taught us. Something like the rotations of a cube, or other Platonic Solid. Could we put it together in such a way that every permutation gives a different message?

  1. James B. – This is very cool, she has to be very strong to climb like that. Awsome idea for a calender also! James B. recently posted..Lomo Photography from Cls

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