We are very close to our official start-up and we need some help.

First, we are looking for better pictures for the blog. Right now the top banner is just a picture I got off Flicker. If there is anyone who has a picture that can symbolize Math at the U o’ W,  send it to me at: robsonr at uwindsor dot ca. (I think the picture should be taken in the MRC, if possible.)

Second, I’m looking for people to become contributors to the blog. If you think you have something to say about Math or life at the U (or both), you can e-mail me at:robsonr at uwindsor dot ca. One topic that I know is in demand is LaTex. If there is anyone willing write a few short articles on the basics of this typesetting language, and perhaps their experience learning it, I will personally buy you dinner. (Or bake you a cake, what ever you prefer.)


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