Let ε>0, So it begins…


Welcome to the home of the new University of Windsor Math Society Club!

We are still in the planning phase. We have yet to have our first meeting and have not even submitted the paperwork to the UWSA, but we are online and ready to tell you some of the good times to come!

First, who are we?

We are:


Jimmy Truong

Vice President

Thaddeus Janisse


Kourtney Michaelis

Director of Education and Communication

Reg Robson

One of our focuses in creating this club is making membership truly worth your while. Some of the activities that we are considering include raising money for charities, Math Movie Nights to celebrate films that celebrate math, and clinics for improving the math skills that you will need as you progress through University. We are very interested in hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas for the possible activities of the Society Club. So please, leave any thoughts you might have in the comment section. Even if it’s just to say “Huzzah!”, we would love to hear from you!

P.S. A note on the name: We are calling ourselves the Math Society Club because to be a full-fledged society we must collect fees. For now, we are sticking with being a ratified Club.


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